What is this?

It's half practice test, half Jenny's Notes, half study guide. Think of it as ARE homework. What could be more fun?!

This is NOT a replacement for your primary material. This IS a way to study more efficiently. To spend time every day focusing on concepts you will be tested on.

You still have to do the hard work, this course makes sure you're working on the right things.

This is the beginning of the end of your ARE 5.0 studies


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"Hyperfine is the only other third-party exam prep material besides Amber Book that I recommend. It engages you with open-ended questions and prompts you to research the answers on your own."

Michael Ermann
Creator of Amber Book


“I passed PA today, yoohoo!

I had a population pyramid question which I could answer in 1 min thanks to your assignments. That and many more. I owe you for helping me read these charts and maps, decoding the codes and helping me finish with just 10 secs remaining and a likely pass in the end. This has by far been the best way of preparing for these exams!”

GK from Indianapolis

Let me help you pass Programming and Analysis


Why are you making me do homework?

When talking to people about passing PA, the number one question people ask me is where I found practice test questions. I used the Brightwood question bank, Black Spectacles and Designer Hacks, but the best questions were the personalized questions where I challenged myself to focus on the things I knew I did not know.

With this course I’m sharing my method for studying by writing down the kinds of questions I asked myself. You'll get 63 study assignments (with multiple questions each) written by someone who has been through the stress of the exam process and passed, and knows what you should focus on.

What is the cost? Is this a subscription?

The course is $45 for the entire thing. Not per month, just once.

This is priced for one person, not your whole office, please. Contact me directly for a group rate.


See the course lessons section above for the entire curriculum and some free samples. The entire list of assignment topics is right here:

Note: All assignments now include a bonus video answer

Week 1: Environmental and Contextual Conditions

  • Slope Math
  • Floods  
  • Soils  
  • Brownfields  
  • Topography  
  • Environment Part I - Sun  
  • Environment Part II - Climate  

Week 2: Codes and Regulations

  • Zoning - FAR and Setbacks  
  • IBC - Use and Occupancy  
  • IBC - Building Area  
  • IBC - Construction Types and Wall Ratings  
  • IBC - Accessible Units  
  • ADA Accessible Routes  
  • ADA - General Application & Parking  

Week 3: Site Analysis and Programming

  • Parking Calculations  
  • Historic  
  • Site Analysis  
  • Site Acoustics  
  • Stormwater  
  • Site Plan Reading  
  • Foundations  

Week 4: Building Analysis and Programming

  • Building Efficiency Part I  
  • Building Efficiency Part II  
  • Adjacency Part I  
  • Adjacency Part II  
  • Programming  
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis  
  • Building Systems  

Week5: Building Analysis and Other Stuff

  • Project Phasing
  • Demographics
  • Cost Estimates
  • Architectural Styles
  • Planning and Land
  • Radon, Lead & Asbestos
  • ????

Ready to challenge yourself?!


Hey Ben! wanted to tell you I passed 3 exams last year just doing Hyperfine. Programming & Analysis, Project Management, and Construction Evaluation. I'm currently studying for PPD and PDD.

-Joseph B.

Passed my last exam! Thanks for the help Ben.

- Brian F.

I want to let you know I passed all exams and am now a registered architect in Texas. Thank you for the study material. 

-Glenn G.

I appreciate all of the work to make the program as easy to work with as possible. I preach the gospel of Hyperfine to anyone who mentions the ARE Exams. I am 3 exams down, 3 to go!

-Sam L.

I have officially passed all my exams and am a licensed architect in the state of Oklahoma! Your classes helped a ton and I will continue to refer my friends to your class!

-John F.

I finally passed PPD in November! My last exam. After 10-years and many ARE exam iterations later. 

Thank you so much for your informative lesson plans and study material. It was very helpful. 

-Alexis R.

Thank you for your ARE testing material, I passed all divisions on 12/31, couldn't have been successful without your material. 

-Tony Y.

I want to thank you for Hyperfine. Your material became daily assignments for me, and it helped me to see the study material applied to actual questions. Also, thanks very much for your encouraging words at the beginning of every week. I have already passed all my exams!

-Natasha H.

I passed my last exam! Now getting licensed in TX. Thanks for all of your support!

-Thad S.

I passed both pjm and pcm LITERALLY because of the clarity of your course... so thank you from the bottom of my less stressed out heart.

 -Meg G.

I wanted to share the news that I passed PA on Saturday.It took my 4th attempt to pass this horrible test but I did it!

I'm now a licensed architect! Thank you for being a part of my journey!

-Rahul S.

I passed PDD yesterday. I have now passed all six divisions on the first shot, thanks in part to your course and to the Designerhacks practice quizzes and tests. 

-Adam R.

It's been tough. I passed PDD! Officially done with ARE with 1 week left on my rolling clock 😅 I started in 2016. One good thing to come out of Covid were the rolling clock extensions!

-Angela M.

I just received my license today after passing all of my exams on my first try using hyperfine. It was the most helpful resource I used. Thanks again for your help! I'm recommending it to everyone I know taking the exams. Thanks for creating a comprehensive and affordable test prep option.

-Hannah H.

Thank you Ben, I passed my last two - PPD and PDD with the help of your practice exams.

-Amber A.

Passed my last exam early September, woo! Thank you so much for all of your awesome study material and I will make sure to recommend it to others. 

-Ciara Y.

I passed my final ARE over the weekend. Thank you for the courses! 

-Peter Z.

I want to thank you for Hyperfine. Your material became daily assignments for me, and it helped me to see the study material applied to actual questions. Also, thanks very much for your encouraging words at the beginning of every week. I have already passed all my exams! Thank You!

-Natasha H.

I recently passed my last ARE exam. Before each exam I would go through your PDFs in rapid fire to refresh the content in my mind. Thank you so much for putting it together! It felt as if you were with me during the tests, because I now know your voice from the video explanations. Your material, Elif Bayram's material and Erik Walker's questions were my go-to. I didn't use the big subscription guys' material. I honestly couldn't afford it. I appreciated the updates to the documents, and I checked them out when they came in.A big thank you!

-Hans-Christian K

Just want to share that I've passed all divisions of the ARE as of 9/4/22. I purchased your course in March 2021 for my birthday. Started testing in September 2021 and finished in September 2022. 5 divisions total (I had a credit for C&E from 4.0). Offering my thanks. The course is gold and absolutely helped me pass these exams. Thanks again.

-Jeremy C.

I was just looking at your website to see if you had any CSE material and I realized how much your study materials and videos helped me throughout the ARE process. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for always being so responsive and always trying to make your content better. I used your study materials for almost all of my exams. I think after my first exam(PJM) I started using Hyperfine. I finally passed PDD on May 4th and I'm just mustering up the energy now to start studying for my California Supplemental Exam. Thank you so so much!!!

-Aris K

I've passed PcM, PjM, CE, and PA. I just have the two technical exams left (PPD & PDD). 2/3 of the way there!! Thanks for your help. Your course was very helpful in getting me here. 

-Ethan G

I have passed all my exams. Thanks for all these assignments - super helpful!

-Ryann S

I just wanted to thank you for your Hyperfine Assignments. I passed PA, PPD and PDD this past year and your course gave me the crucial extra knowledge that I needed. 

-Teddy G.

Just passed PDD and now done!! Finishing your course and going over your content definitely were a huge help. I've recommended you to all my friends still taking exams because it's literally the best resource for me out there. 

-Daniel S.

I have finally passed all my exams. Took PA, PPD, and PDD in 4 weeks time. Thank you for your hard work on making some great study material.

-Dominic T.

I finally passed my last ARE exam (PDD)! I want to thank you and all of your hard work to put this study material together, it definitely helped a lot! 

 -Ismael M.

I also passed my exam.

-Karina F.

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your courses I passed PPD, PA, and PDD in the last few months and am now finally done! I've also passed the CSE and am now a licensed California Architect! Finally!!!Thank you very much for putting together these courses and resources, I found them very helpful and have been recommending them to others on the same journey.

-Jenn H.

I passed the PA with your assistance.Thank you for all your assistance with all the divisions. Thank you for assistance with Amber Books. They were not only a great review, assisted in understanding points that I just did not get, and enjoyable to watch and work through, with your help they were affordable. Thank you very very much. Again, thanks Ben, great job.  

-James Y.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great resources. The practice problems were a key driver in getting me over the hurdle of understanding how to approach the exams. Along with Elif's questions, Boot Camp, and Amber Book, your course was instrumental in me finally finishing up! Thanks for making a great and affordable product.

-Amanda M.

PASSED and am DONE! Thank you!

-Sim J.

I just passed PA this morning. I'm now 4 for 4. I've passed Pjm, Pcm, CE, and PA. Thanks for the great study guides!!

-Jenn R.

I'm done!!! Officially an Architect and you are one of the ones to thank for that! 

-Stephanie W.

I just wanted to say thanks to Hyperfine, and Amberbook I passed my last exam, PPD on May 11th. I always recommend your courses to anyone who asks!!! 

-Manijeh H.

Thank you for all of your excellent materials! Hyperfine was such a helpful tool to have in my pocket as I studied for the ARE's. I'm happy to announce that I'm all done and looking to help the next upcoming architects at my firm! Thanks again

-Rachel H.

Wanted to thank you for all the work you put into the assignments and study materials for us aspiring exam takers. As of yesterday, I have passed all six divisions of the exams, with your assignments by far the largest segment of my studying habits. Your assignments are the only recommendation I make to fellow candidates, keep up the good work and thanks again for your part in my success.

-Tom M.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I passed my final exam today! Thanks for all that you've done. While I can't say that any of the specific information that you provided was a silver bullet to taking down the AREs, the structure you provided was INVALUABLE and made the mountain of work achievable. It was thanks to working your program that I could take things in bite-size chunks. Without your program, I don't think I would have gotten through this nearly as quickly, let alone without failing any tests either!

-Sam B.

I Just wanted to let you know that I passed PPD and PDD and have finished my AREs! Thank you for the Hyperfine study guide and problems; they were a huge help in my studies and a great supplement to my primary study resources. 

-Katie S.

I had my Pcm exam on May 26th and I passed it! Your Hyperfine and your answers to my questions were a great help. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in for me. I couldn't pass it without them and I'll always be thankful to you. I'll get your material again for sure. 

Thank you again

-Sara R.

I am Juhee P. I am a recently licensed architect, not even a week ago and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for creating content that actually helps to study for the exams in a concise way. It helped me tremendously and I am thankful to you for my success.

-Juhee P.

You are an amazing help with these Tests

-Jacob E.

I have passed PCM, PJM and CE within 3 months, with the help of your study material. The material is so helpful and thorough! Thanks so much for all you do and your support in our licensure process!

-Jade H.

Ben, I also passed my last two exams! I'm all done! Thank you so much for the awesome study material!

-Michelle E

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