What is this?

It's half practice test, half Jenny's Notes, half study guide. Think of it as ARE homework. What could be more fun?!

Hyperfine is NOT a replacement for your primary material. It IS a way to study more efficiently. To spend time every day focusing on concepts you will be tested on.

You still have to do the hard work, these courses makes sure you're working on the right things.

This is the beginning of the end of your ARE 5.0 studies

"Hyperfine is the only other third-party exam prep material besides Amber Book that I recommend. It engages you with open-ended questions and prompts you to research the answers on your own."

Michael Ermann
Creator of Amber Book


Hey Ben!

Wanted to thank you for all the work you put into the assignments and study materials for us aspiring exam takers. As of yesterday, I have passed all six divisions of the exams, with your assignments by far the largest segment of my studying habits.

Your assignments are the only recommendation I make to fellow candidates, keep up the good work and thanks again for your part in my success.


Let me help you get DONE with the ARE 5.0


Why are you making me do homework?

When talking to people about passing my ARE 5.0 exams, the number one question people ask me is where I found practice test questions. I used the Brightwood question bank, Black Spectacles and Designer Hacks, but the best questions were the personalized questions where I challenged myself to focus on the things I knew I did not know.

With these courses I’m sharing my method for studying by writing down the kinds of questions I asked myself. You'll get weeks and weeks of nightly assignments, including hundreds of questions written by someone who has been through the stress of the exam process and passed, and knows what you should focus on.

What is the cost? Is this a subscription?
It is $159 for immediate access to all Hyperfine ARE 5.0 courses.

Not per month, just once.

This is priced for one person, not your whole office, please. Contact me directly for a group rate.

Ready to challenge yourself?


Hey Ben! wanted to tell you I passed 3 exams last year just doing Hyperfine. Programming & Analysis, Project Management, and Construction Evaluation. I'm currently studying for PPD and PDD.

-Joseph B.

Passed my last exam! Thanks for the help Ben.

- Brian F.

I want to let you know I passed all exams and am now a registered architect in Texas. Thank you for the study material. 

-Glenn G.


I appreciate all of the work to make the program as easy to work with as possible. I preach the gospel of Hyperfine to anyone who mentions the ARE Exams. I am 3 exams down, 3 to go!

-Sam L.


I have officially passed all my exams and am a licensed architect in the state of Oklahoma! Your classes helped a ton and I will continue to refer my friends to your class!

-John F.


I finally passed PPD in November! My last exam. After 10-years and many ARE exam iterations later. 

Thank you so much for your informative lesson plans and study material. It was very helpful. 

-Alexis R.


Thank you for your ARE testing material, I passed all divisions on 12/31, couldn't have been successful without your material. 

-Tony Y.


I want to thank you for Hyperfine. Your material became daily assignments for me, and it helped me to see the study material applied to actual questions. Also, thanks very much for your encouraging words at the beginning of every week. I have already passed all my exams!

-Natasha H.


I passed my last exam! Now getting licensed in TX. Thanks for all of your support!

-Thad S.


I passed both pjm and pcm LITERALLY because of the clarity of your course... so thank you from the bottom of my less stressed out heart.

 -Meg G.


I wanted to share the news that I passed PA on Saturday.It took my 4th attempt to pass this horrible test but I did it!

I'm now a licensed architect! Thank you for being a part of my journey!

-Rahul S.


I passed PDD yesterday. I have now passed all six divisions on the first shot, thanks in part to your course and to the Designerhacks practice quizzes and tests. 

-Adam R.

It's been tough. I passed PDD! Officially done with ARE with 1 week left on my rolling clock 😅 I started in 2016. One good thing to come out of Covid were the rolling clock extensions!

-Angela M.


I just received my license today after passing all of my exams on my first try using hyperfine. It was the most helpful resource I used. Thanks again for your help! I'm recommending it to everyone I know taking the exams. Thanks for creating a comprehensive and affordable test prep option.

-Hannah H.


Thank you Ben, I passed my last two - PPD and PDD with the help of your practice exams.

-Amber A.


Passed my last exam early September, woo! Thank you so much for all of your awesome study material and I will make sure to recommend it to others. 

-Ciara Y.


I passed my final ARE over the weekend. Thank you for the courses! 

-Peter Z.


I want to thank you for Hyperfine. Your material became daily assignments for me, and it helped me to see the study material applied to actual questions. Also, thanks very much for your encouraging words at the beginning of every week. I have already passed all my exams! Thank You!

-Natasha H.


I recently passed my last ARE exam. Before each exam I would go through your PDFs in rapid fire to refresh the content in my mind. Thank you so much for putting it together! It felt as if you were with me during the tests, because I now know your voice from the video explanations. Your material, Elif Bayram's material and Erik Walker's questions were my go-to. I didn't use the big subscription guys' material. I honestly couldn't afford it. I appreciated the updates to the documents, and I checked them out when they came in.A big thank you!

-Hans-Christian K


Just want to share that I've passed all divisions of the ARE as of 9/4/22. I purchased your course in March 2021 for my birthday. Started testing in September 2021 and finished in September 2022. 5 divisions total (I had a credit for C&E from 4.0). Offering my thanks. The course is gold and absolutely helped me pass these exams. Thanks again.

-Jeremy C.


I was just looking at your website to see if you had any CSE material and I realized how much your study materials and videos helped me throughout the ARE process. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for always being so responsive and always trying to make your content better. I used your study materials for almost all of my exams. I think after my first exam(PJM) I started using Hyperfine. I finally passed PDD on May 4th and I'm just mustering up the energy now to start studying for my California Supplemental Exam. Thank you so so much!!!

-Aris K


I've passed PcM, PjM, CE, and PA. I just have the two technical exams left (PPD & PDD). 2/3 of the way there!! Thanks for your help. Your course was very helpful in getting me here. 

-Ethan G


I have passed all my exams. Thanks for all these assignments - super helpful!
-Ryann S


I just wanted to thank you for your Hyperfine Assignments. I passed PA, PPD and PDD this past year and your course gave me the crucial extra knowledge that I needed. 

-Teddy G.


Just passed PDD and now done!! Finishing your course and going over your content definitely were a huge help. I've recommended you to all my friends still taking exams because it's literally the best resource for me out there. 

-Daniel S.


I have finally passed all my exams. Took PA, PPD, and PDD in 4 weeks time. Thank you for your hard work on making some great study material.

-Dominic T.


I finally passed my last ARE exam (PDD)! I want to thank you and all of your hard work to put this study material together, it definitely helped a lot! 

 -Ismael M.


I also passed my exam.

-Karina F.


I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your courses I passed PPD, PA, and PDD in the last few months and am now finally done! I've also passed the CSE and am now a licensed California Architect! Finally!!!Thank you very much for putting together these courses and resources, I found them very helpful and have been recommending them to others on the same journey.

-Jenn H.


I passed the PA with your assistance.Thank you for all your assistance with all the divisions. Thank you for assistance with Amber Books. They were not only a great review, assisted in understanding points that I just did not get, and enjoyable to watch and work through, with your help they were affordable. Thank you very very much. Again, thanks Ben, great job.  

-James Y.


Just a quick note to say thanks for the great resources. The practice problems were a key driver in getting me over the hurdle of understanding how to approach the exams. Along with Elif's questions, Boot Camp, and Amber Book, your course was instrumental in me finally finishing up! Thanks for making a great and affordable product.

-Amanda M.


PASSED and am DONE! Thank you!

-Sim J.


I just passed PA this morning. I'm now 4 for 4. I've passed Pjm, Pcm, CE, and PA. Thanks for the great study guides!!

-Jenn R.


I'm done!!! Officially an Architect and you are one of the ones to thank for that! 

-Stephanie W.


I just wanted to say thanks to Hyperfine, and Amberbook I passed my last exam, PPD on May 11th. I always recommend your courses to anyone who asks!!! 

-Manijeh H.


Thank you for all of your excellent materials! Hyperfine was such a helpful tool to have in my pocket as I studied for the ARE's. I'm happy to announce that I'm all done and looking to help the next upcoming architects at my firm! Thanks again

-Rachel H.


Wanted to thank you for all the work you put into the assignments and study materials for us aspiring exam takers. As of yesterday, I have passed all six divisions of the exams, with your assignments by far the largest segment of my studying habits. Your assignments are the only recommendation I make to fellow candidates, keep up the good work and thanks again for your part in my success.

-Tom M.


I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I passed my final exam today! Thanks for all that you've done. While I can't say that any of the specific information that you provided was a silver bullet to taking down the AREs, the structure you provided was INVALUABLE and made the mountain of work achievable. It was thanks to working your program that I could take things in bite-size chunks. Without your program, I don't think I would have gotten through this nearly as quickly, let alone without failing any tests either!

-Sam B.


I Just wanted to let you know that I passed PPD and PDD and have finished my AREs! Thank you for the Hyperfine study guide and problems; they were a huge help in my studies and a great supplement to my primary study resources. 

-Katie S.


I had my Pcm exam on May 26th and I passed it! Your Hyperfine and your answers to my questions were a great help. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in for me. I couldn't pass it without them and I'll always be thankful to you. I'll get your material again for sure. 

Thank you again

-Sara R.


I am Juhee P. I am a recently licensed architect, not even a week ago and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for creating content that actually helps to study for the exams in a concise way. It helped me tremendously and I am thankful to you for my success.

-Juhee P.


You are an amazing help with these Tests

-Jacob E.


I have passed PCM, PJM and CE within 3 months, with the help of your study material. The material is so helpful and thorough! Thanks so much for all you do and your support in our licensure process!

-Jade H.


Ben, I also passed my last two exams! I'm all done! Thank you so much for the awesome study material!

-Michelle E.


I passed CE! Thanks for putting together such great information at a reasonable price and giving us daily assignments. Thanks for your encouraging words at the beginning of each week!

-Natasha H.


I feel like I owe you the biggest thanks in the world! I started using your study material and ever since have passed all my exams on the first try. I just finished passing my last exam this weekend and literally could not have done it without your material. It was the perfect combo of breaking the information up into digestible assignments while also asking the right questions that make you look through multiple resources and really dive into the information on your own. Having assignments and a way to schedule what material I was studying when was perfect for me. Throughout this whole process I used your assignments as the basis for all my studying. I did try a few extra downloads from other sources to supplement and always found them either too confusing, long, or honestly lacking in material. Your assignments were affordable for a young architect and so informative! I have only great things to say about Hyperfine and plan on citing you to all my friends that are currently studying for their ARE's. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

-Lena R.


Yes, all done, passed all of them on the first time! Your material really set my head in the right place but if you get kids 5 years out of school (unlike me with 30 years experience) being frustrated if they don't pass, the reality is there is almost no way to book learn all the broad reach that is the PDD and PPD by books alone. Experience is such an essential part of passing... Thanks again, I really couldn't have done it without your material.

-David R.


I finally passed pdd and ppd and am done. Thanks for your help with study materials and tutoring, emails, and videos.

-Suchitra V.


I wanted to say Thank you for offering the study package at a reasonable rate. I was able to print out these guides and rework on my study habits without accumulating additional debt. Know that your study materials, video explanations, and worksheets helped me pass PcM, PjM, and CE. Now on to the remaining three exams. Thank you for supporting and encouraging your community of aspiring architects! 

-Jaimelynn K


As I have completed my ARE journey I just wanted to thank you for creating the hyperfine materials. They were pivotal in my success, I don't think I would have done nearly as well without it. 

-Nicole H.


Just wanted to add another success story to your tally. I began using your study resources 2 years ago with 4 exams remaining- PPD,PDD,PjM,PcM. Took my time, but went 4/4 and passed my final test last week. Thanks for all your help!

-Micah M.


I just passed PPD today! Just wanted to express my gratitude for your study guides. Wouldn't have been able to get it done without them. Only PDD left now!

-Daniel S.


Writing to you two today to let you know that I've just passed all 5 of my ARE exams in the past 5 months. Ben, your Hyperfine assignments were my perfect guide to plow through the information I needed to study. Erik, your three practice exams were also key to helping me anticipate the level of questions NCARB asks. I truly appreciate the work yall have put into these study materials and wanted to thank you so much. 

-Astrid S.


Wanted to say thank you for the PPD and PDD materials they were integral to me passing the last of the exams. All done! Cheers!



Thanks Ben, I just passed PA yesterday. Thanks so much for your material. Definitely a game changer. 

-Amy K.


After I passed my last ARE back in December, I studied for the CSE for about 13 weeks (1-1.5hrs a day, at least 5 days a week). I'm excited to share that I passed the CSE first try last weekend! I already mailed my application for licensure and am now patiently waiting to receive my official license number...Thank you again for making this accomplishment possible. 

-Natsumi I.


Just wanted to let you know I got my FINAL PASS this weekend. Thank you so much for your content. It was a huge help to climbing that mountain!

-Kira S.


I passed PPD on 2/28/22 and got my license. I enjoyed your study information. Thanks!

-Kathryn S.


Thanks, Ben, I just passed PDD today and I think your material made all the difference, just as it did for PPD. The material you presented and the problems you created really helped me understand the range of directions the exam could take and also to build a deeper competence.



I wanted to let you know I just passed my last three exams PA, PPD and PDD and I'm done. Thank you for putting out great material that is affordable, along with keeping things current. My best to you and your family as you continue to grow Hyperfine, I'm excited to see where it continues to go.

-Scott W.


Ben, thanks for all the help with the exams. Appreciate it a lot! I'm also done!
-Jielu L 


I took the PPD and PDD and am now licensed! 

Rebecca R.


I passed back in September. Your stuff was very helpful 



Thanks so much for your great work - helped me pass!! (alongside Amberbook and the Erik Walker tests!) Not sure what to do with all my free time now lol!

-Gabrielle K.

Thanks Ben. I passed PPD! Next will be PDD.Thanks again.

-Kevin C.


 You can add my name to the PA pass list.. ordered your PA study guides last friday, took the test yesterday... passed. Only the PPD and PDD left to take.. oh and it's never too late to take the tests, graduated from Kent State in 1991 and just never got around to taking them. Rules changed, triplets, laziness, ect. Anyway, your study material got my head in the right place and so I could look at the questions and visualize the process to get the right answer. Of course 30 years of practical experience helps a lot as well. 

-David R.


Finally finished all the tests. Your Hyperfine problems really helped out!

-Nick W.


I passed PPD in December . And hopefully take PDD soon. Thank you for your study guides!

-Angela M.


Just thought I'd drop a line and say I managed to pass my final 2 exams (PPD and PDD)! Thanks again for being part of my licensure journey!

-Fiona C.


I would like you to know I passed my last test, PDD on 12/20/21!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help and making me do homework lol. I especially loved your case study for the course!

-Jesefa T.


I just officially got my CA Arch license number issued to me last week and wanted to say thanks for the great resources while studying for the ARE. I passed all exams on the first attempt and the Hyperfine materials were extremely helpful for each. I appreciated all the quick responses you gave me when I had reached out with questions as well. 

-Nick B.


Hi! I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks - I started taking my exams May of this year and I'm now done with all of them. I used Hyperfine to prep for my final exam (PDD) and I just passed yesterday. Your product is great and I'll definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues! 

-Whitney F.


Passed PPD my final exam, passed the PDD two years ago.Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it.

-Suchitra V


Just passed PA, my last exam!!!!!!! I AM DONE with the AREs!!! I still can't believe it!!!! Thanks for creating Hyperfine!!



I forgot to write! I passed all 6 a couple of weeks ago! In all it took me 8 months and one retake (PA). I learned so much, and I'm so proud of myself. Thanks for all of the help! Hyperfine was one of the best tools I used.

-Nick D.


Can add me to the Pass List for PDD/PPD and All 6 Exams!!! Thanks again for all of your help! Couldn't have done it without you 

-Zalmy M.

I recently passed PDD and im done with all my tests. I wanted to thank you. Your Hyperfine content was one of the biggest help during my ARE's journey.

-Harry H.


I passed Ppd & Pdd this year and done with my ARE. Thanks a lot. Your study material was a big help!

-Tamzida K.


I just wanted to let you know I finally passed CE after two attempts! I am halfway done with my exams. On to PA next! 

-Kaitlyn M.


I supplement Amberbook with your PPD / PDD material and it was great. Passed both in August and forgot to tell you! Great material and it was helpful to work through your material. Your approach is different than Amber (Michael was a former professor of mine) and I think you approach is better. It was great. Case studies are good to practice, always add or offer more of those when you can. Thanks so much Ben. I am all done with my exams, took 6 months! not to shabby.

-Jeff R.


Thanks for all of your help. I passed my last exam (PPD) a year ago, November 2020. Just never got around to sharing the news! I have and will continue to refer you to many friends and colleagues. 

-Michael M.


I thought you'd like to hear I passed PPD. Your study material helped significantly with that, and many of the questions that I answered confidently were a direct result of the knowledge gained through your study prep. Thanks again!

-Lyla W.


I wanted to let you know that I passed Practice Management 2 Saturday's ago (10/23) and I used your study guide assignments and materials to get there. Your videos are what really helped get me through the content and helped me to keep moving through the workbooks. Thanks so much!

-Rahul S.


Having passed PcM PjM and CE in September and PA and PPD this week, I can’t thank you enough for the Hyperfine content! THANK YOU! The video explanations are awesome!So thank you again and CHEERS!

-Kathleen S.


Thanks again for your incredibly helpful PPD/PDD study guide! I had a retake of PDD yesterday and PASSED! I am now officially done with the ARE's!

-Mary B.


On Monday, October 4th, I took and passed PDD! I did not contact you with every win on the ARE but as of today I have the official confirmed 6th win from NCARB! After working through your preview practice questions, I immediately knew this was an invaluable resource and purchased the all exam package. After the exam, I knew that it was because of your material and Walking the ARE that I was prepared for the exam. Through the next 5 exams (and passes), each time there were things covered in your study guide that I did not encounter in my other studies. I consider Hyperfine and Walking the ARE as the two most valuable resources that I utilized in studying for these exams. Thank you for your effort in putting this together and making it available for candidates to use. 

-Eric L.

I did it, I finally finished the AREs!! I am writing this email to thank you for the resources and support you give to young architect everyone, Thank you. Your questions and study resources where essential in my journey. Also, I believe that our 15 minutes conversation is a big part of how I passed my last exam, really! So again, THANK YOU!!!!

-Andrea M.


My name is Nivin, and I had a 20 minute zoom session with you about a month ago. I am not sure if you remember me or not, but I had struggled to pass PPD and PDD (took PPD 7 times, and PDD 8 times). It was two weeks before my exam, and you said to focus on Mechanical, Code, and Structural. I did just that! And guess what? I actually passed PPD exam! I wanted to say THANK YOU so much! It was like you knew exactly what I was lacking! When I saw the "You likely passed this Division", I froze in my seat, and started crying! It felt like such a relief to finally see a pass after 15 fails in a row! I am determined to finish, but really wanted to thank you so much for helping me figure out what to focus on. Thank you again! 

-Nivin S.


I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you! I finally passed PPD/PDD this past weekend and I couldn’t have done it without your course and your coaching! all the best,

-Tania E.


I got my provisional pass today for my last exam, PDD! I can't thank you enough. Your study material, case studies, and Zoom call gave me the extra boost of confidence that I needed to push through this beast of an exam. 

-Taylor P.


I want to thank you. Your study material allowed me to pass PJM. 

-Courtney F


I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and say thank you. After 4 long years, I took and passed my last ARE this past Saturday. I can honestly say that I would not be in this position had it not been for your program

-Landon P.


I’m happy to say I passed PPD first try today!!! I re-reviewed Hyperfine days before the exam. So helpful!!!!



I'd like to thank you for setting these courses up to help us achieve our goals of becoming licensed professionals.

I had purchased these with the hope of actually passing my exams in a reasonable amount of time. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew I needed some sort of structure to my study habits and boy this was exactly i got. With these courses on hand I was able to finally pass PCM on 5/8 (3rd times a charm) and PJM 8/28 (2nd try) after what seemed like it would never happen. So thank you.I will add that after failing PCM the 2nd time around I purchased the YA courses which helped compliment your material with a different perspective. Your courses helped me to actually understand and break down the financial aspects and formulas which felt like my weakest points.I am on to CE and then to PPD/PDD and with these courses the future seems within reach and attainable!

-Oscar R.


Just wanted to say thanks for the support and your program. I just got word that I passed my last exam. I studied hard for a little over two months for PPD rested 2 days and rose again to take PDD 7 days after. A little burnt out but because I passed its all good. I used a lot of different books out there but found Hyperfine and Elifs ARE Questions were the two that really helped me focus and understand so many unrelated topics for each exam. The videos you have are a step up from anything else out there. Quick jokes or notes on what you dont understand yourself helped me relax a bit at times when stress was getting high. Thanks.

-Gabriel B.


My name is Matt, and I wanted to drop you a quick thank you note. I purchased your first ARE daily assignments last September and I just passed my 6th and final exam yesterday, 11 months later. I appreciate the work and effort you've put into creating the assignments and I have recommended them to numerous other people. Now I am off to finish my AXP hours and get that license.

-Matt A.


Just finished my last ARE exam. Was helpful to use your practice problem sets, thank you for your work and help. 

-Anna H.


I passed my last exam in January, and really benefited from your study assignments. I've passed this message on to other interns in my office. THANK YOU!

-Leah T.


Ben!!!! I passed PPD on March!!!! THANKS for your material!! English is not my first language, so your ASSIGNMENTS are very practical for me!!!

-Wilmary V.


Sharing the good news!! I passed PDD in December 2020 & PPD this 8/9/21 monday....and happy to say I am done with AREs!! Thank you for the course work, questions, explanations, great course!! 

-Roma A.


Thank you for all your work to create this comprehensive and affordable testing material for all of us. I've used Hyperfine for all my exams and have taken (and passed) 5. I passed PPD yesterday and have PDD on monday and owe a huge part of my success to Hyperfine. So once again, THANK YOU! Keep up the awesome work!

-Tanya K.


Your study materials were fantastic and at a realistic cost. I passed my last exam last year and credit you for helping me. 

-Danielle R.


Congrats! Your material was amazing for the exam! I'm done with PPD and PDD, and you were part of the reason. Thank you!

-Belle T.


I finally passed all my exams back in April. Your courses helped me tremendously in building my confidence. Anyway, thank you so much for your great resource and for being so kind and giving of your time in helping me with the closed captions on the videos. That meant more to me than anything. You're a good man. 

-Katherine M.

Well I just passed my last three exams by following your 8-week PPD/PDD study plan and doing your weekly study questions for the PA, PPD, and PDD exams, so THANK YOU! 

-Collin W.


Thank YOU for taking the jump and building this amazing resource. I discovered Hyperfine during the latter half of my exams and used it to pass both PPD & PDD. I'm now licensed and you definitely helped me get there. I really appreciate your business model and your approach to discussions, feedback, and information delivery. I have been recommending your course to others pursuing licensure, especially for PPD/PDD. 

-Casey B.


I just wanted to reach out and thank you for Hyperfine! I passed my last test on Monday and have used Hyperfine for all 6 exams. They were a huge help and I am very grateful!! 

-Leslie N.


I passed CE late May also. Still continue to use your resources! Thanks so much for all you do. 

-Daniela R.


Passed PA and PcM, in part thanks to your efforts!



I Passed CD back in December, after using Hyperfine.



I got my license on Wednesday- and Hyperfine was truly one of the best study products I used, and at an affordable cost to boot. I passed all 6 ARE exams in one go, then failed the Washington State, open book, Law for Architects exam (100% correct required). Nailed it on my second go. Haha. I enjoyed having paper to write notes and make drawings/ do calculations. I guess now that there's the digital whiteboard instead of scratch paper I might have taken a different approach- though I still believe- at least for me- the act of taking the pen to paper helps to solidify the learning, even if that's not how I recall the information come test day. And I managed PPD and PDD with no whiteboard issues. 

-Julie T.


I have officially passed ALL my exams now! Thank you again for the hard work you put in so that other people like me can find success!

-Elizabeth B.


I recently passed PDD, thanks to your study material, and a month before I passed PPD, which was also due to the help of your study material. Earlier this year I also took CE, which although I failed the first time I took it last year, I bought your study material and it definitely helped me get the pass. I just got my license, and I have been telling everyone I know who is testing about your study material. Thank you for putting so much effort into this.

-Samuel A.


Just want to thank you so much for your courses, they really made my life easier and focusing more on the main concepts in the exams. I have just past two exams last month, PjM and CE. Studying now for the PA exam, wish me luck :)

-Mohamed E.


Thanks for the PA worksheets. I just passed PA this weekend so it was very helpful! Your concepts definitely did help and most of what I had finished did appear on the exam in one way shape or form.

-Thien-An N.


Thanks for your work on hyperfine. Helped me pass PPD today and PA three months ago. Two down, four to go!

-Patrick H


I finally finished my AREs a few months ago and have been meaning to write to you to thank you for your courses - they were a huge help. I struggled a good bit a few years ago with the 4.0 exams and started using your courses when I switched to the 5.0 exams. They helped me feel much more comfortable going into the exams and played a big part in helping me pass PA, PPD, and PDD. Thanks again and hope you are well!

-Kyle I.


Just a final "thank you" from a grateful client. Passed my last exam (PDD) on July 1 and am waiting for the September licensing board meeting to grant my license. I used your materials (as I think intended) as a foundation for research and looked up almost all of your links, writing notes all over your assignments that I had printed out. Some of your math was a bit more in depth than needed (I barely had any math that wasn't arithmetic) but understanding it gave me some confidence going into the exams. Contrary to a lot of common advice, I crammed like crazy during the days leading up to PDD and I think it paid off. Remembered something from months ago the night before the exam and refreshed my memory on it -- and lo and behold that exact thing (very specific) was on my exam! Thanks again for your efforts.

-Robin C.


I passed my last exam last week (PDD) and want to thank you for creating the assignments. I couldn’t have passed without them. You made me think outside the box and gave me easily digestible resources to understand the content. Also your 6-8 week plan was incredibly helpful for PPD and PDD! I’ll def be recommending your assignments to friends also taking the ARE. Thanks again!

-Marshal Y.


Thank you so much I passed PDD on Thursday and now I am done with the NCARB exams. Among other things your videos on slope formulas were super helpful. I look forward to learning more about your Revit content in the future. 

-Peter B.


I just wanted to let you know that I passed my final ARE a couple of weeks ago and wanted to thank you for your excellent study materials. It's been 3 years in the making and of all the study guides I have used I have found your services one of the best and most relevant.

-Tyler B.


It has been a long five years, multiple fails and I had completely given up on the ARE process and concluded getting licensed was just not for me. After some encouragement from a study partner, I decided to give it another go (PA, PPD, PDD) and I used your weekly study guide. I found your exercises and explanations extremely helpful and I must thank you for helping me get through this long journey to licensure. I would not have reached this point without your study tools - thank you again Ben, you truly made a difference in my life and I'm very grateful.  

-Omar C.

I passed PPD!! On to PDD - thanks for your great study materials!

-Megan H.


Thank you so much for your awesome resources. Thanks to them and your study plans, I passed PPD and PDD back in May! Thanks so much again!

-Alex S.


Thanks for all your content! I recently passed PDD so I'm officially all done and officially licensed in the state of Texas :) I've shared your website so many so thanks again for all your effort putting everything together. 

-Mollie A


I used Hyperfine for PA...and passed! (...after not having passed on my previous attempt.) Only PPD and PDD left. I'll be purchasing those modules soon. Your study materials are great resources. Thanks so much for all you do!

-Anastasia K.


I wanted to thank you for providing such great and cost effective ARE 5.0 study program. I also passed PPD & PDD studying with your questions. I related to your story because I took all my exams while working full time and keeping a more or less balanced life with my wife and two kids.

-Fernando M.


PPD - PASSED!!! DONE!!! 06/13/21 Thanks for all your help!

-David V.


I thought I'd let you know that I actually passed PPD, PDD, and PA, and those were my last ones, so I'm done! 😊Thanks again for all you do for the ARE testing candidate community! 

-Mary E.


I passed PDD, CE PcM using your stuff. Thanks so much. Your video links to mechanical systems was so critical! I'm done officially licensed. :)

-Kirsten C.


Just wanted to let You know that I took and passed the PA exam last Saturday! Thanks for making available your study guides! On to PDD & PPD!



I passed my last exam, PA!!! I just wanted to thank you so much for creating such a wonderful study guide. I used your PA and PPD/PDD sections and those helped me so much. Thanks again!

-Megumi T.


PPD and PDD and DONE!!!!

-Elizabeth R.


Thanks for sharing your advice on PA, PPD and PDD. Looks like I passed CE today. Glad to be done with the first three! So, I'll follow your advice and worksheets for the next three which I expect to be tougher but hopefully not too bad! Thanks!

-Justin D.

I just want to let you know that I received my Pass for PDD on my last test. Thanks a lot, your great program contributes a lot to this success.

-Daisy A.


Good news! Just passed PA a couple days ago and your course was a major help. The way your course is structured was perfect for me and it was actually kind of fun doing the assignments. After a short break, I plan on purchasing your ppd-pdd course to knock the last two exams out. Looking forward to it!

-Daniel S.


I passed PA on 4/20. Just have PPD and PDD left man!! I'm dialing it in. Both Scheduled for Mid-June

-Robert B.


Your study materials were invaluable. Passed PDD this past Monday and am now DONE! Thanks for your support and materials.

-Allison P.


Passed Project Management exam yesterday on the second time around using your PcM/PjM assignments. Thanks again for your help. I plan to take a few weeks off before hitting the technical exams hard over the summer. 

-Chris Y.


I passed PPD last week!(first try). Your material was definitely helpful and I mentioned that doing your case study the day before got me in the swing of things for the exam. Only PDD to go... Thank you!

-Robin K.


I just passed the PA last week with your assistance! Thank you!!!!



I just wanted to take a minute, and let you know how powerful and useful your study guide is! I passed PCM on my first try, and felt overly prepared. I am planning on taking my PjM in a few weeks. Thanks for your awesome resource!

-Zachary H.


I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything you do with Hyperfine. I have officially passed all of the exams thanks to your assignments which majorly helped me study the right topics and lead me in the right directions to further my studies. Anyway a huge thank you, and know I will be referring your material to everyone I know studying for the ARE.

 -Clay D.


I passed all of my exams at the end of February and Hyperfine was a big component to my success. Your study guides helped were detailed and well paced. Couldn't have asked for a better guide, thanks so much for sharing your course!

-Yuchen Z.


Passed PPD yesterday! One more to go (PDD)! Thank you to you and your course for helping me navigate and understand this whole PPD labyrinth!

-Jean S.

Coming back to your emails after a two week hiatus because I passed PA! Your course was instrumental for me. 

-Ramon P.


Just want to say thank you for being a great help with my PPD & PDD exams. I past PPD on the 4th attempt and PDD on the 2nd. I got licensed in last March right before the pandemic. Thank you again and best wishes.

-Lanjo W.


I used your material for PPD, PDD, CA, PjM, & PcM. I'm all finished now and just wanted to say thank you for putting the time into this study material. Not enough study material made me critically think through the subject matter and hyperfine filled the void. 10/10 would recommend.

Dillon K.


Thanks to you Ben, I have passed all 3 of the professional practice exams! 

-Amrata K.


Wanted to inform you I completed the ARE's on March 8th! I used the PA, PPD, and PDD assignments- really helped keep me engaged. Thanks for all you do!  

-Joe S.


I've passed the PPD and PDD, FINALLY! There were many hours dedicated to passing these exams but I owe so much to the instrumental resources you provide on your site. My partner, my 8-month-old daughter, and I sincerely thank you. 

-Ileana A.


Want to take the time and thank you so much for your study material. I have attended some sections you have done live, and I also got your PA study guide/assignments I think at the beginning when you released them, I used free PPD/PDD content you have on youtube and on your site. I took PPD and PDD at the end of last year and PA March 28th and I am done with all my AREs, thank God! Your study material has been super valuable for all my pass. I didn’t use PcM/PjM, because I passed them back in 2018. But I have recommended it to my fellow-friends studying now for PcM and PjM. I get positive comments all the time, you are great! All this to say THANK YOU BEN! You are super good, and I enjoyed my journey with your guides/assignments. They were super helpful!

-Esther M.


I passed all my ARE tests on the first try a few months ago (it's April already?!?!). I owe you a huge thanks for what you have created and your passion for doing this. Your content was the perfect supplement to Ermann's Amber book for me. Michael is a friend and former colleague of nearly a decade so I had some special access to his early content, but it left me feeling a bit underprepared on the pro practice side of things. Your content really helped fill in the gaps and your material is studiously prepared. Thank you. I think your story helped me with my own, and it reminded me there are so many ways to practice Architecture. As a former academic, a teacher at heart, and most importantly a life-long student, I greatly appreciate what you have done and continue to do. Thanks for helping me give myself this possibility.

-Chip C.


I forgot to mention that more than a year ago I passed my last exam, getting licensed, etc., so I want to offer my apologies since you are a big part of my success. 

-Richard J.

I passed PPD and PDD using your PPD/PDD course materials. Thank you for putting together a very comprehensive course! I have PA left, and then I'll be done, done, done (yay!). I just purchased your PA course, so I'm sure it'll help me in the same way that the other course did. Again, thank you for the time and effort that you so clearly put into these courses! It's obvious that you really care about preparing candidates for these exams. 

-Mary E.


I just passed my PDD exam Monday, and NCARB made it official just yesterday!! I purchased your PPD/PDD package and it was super helpful! I also purchased both of Erik Walkers practice exams, which were great as well. I took PPD/PDD exams two weeks apart, and actually found PDD very easy. Thanks for the encouraging notes and reflections in addition to your assignments. Having the confidence to keep on going was a major part of the battle! I just purchased your Passive Income downloads and look forward to hearing from you again. Thanks again

-Rabia S.


I've never reached out before, but I have been using hyperfine since last summer and have now taken and passed PcM, PjM, CE, and last week PA! Thank you so much for this incredible resource! It has been hugely helpful. Now on to the last two beasts. I did the pro practice Young Architect boot camp last June, which is how I was introduced to hyperfine, and I start the technical boot camp in a week. Thank you so much for helping so many of us get through these exams!

-Leslie N.


I just wanted to thank you for your assignments. I took CE this past weekend and managed to PASS somehow and it was due to alot of what I saw with your worksheets on the CE course. I passed PjM in the fall thanks to some of these as well so I'm grateful! I just wanted to drop a line expressing my thanks. Three down and three to go.



Wonderful news! I just passed PPD, my final exam, this week and I definitely think that your course was a huge help so thank you! I've recommended it to my study group and my firm as well.

-Tyler C.


I went through your course at least four full times before taking my exam. It was instrumental in my provisional Pass this morning! Many thanks to you sir. These are amazing study guides. I will be purchasing the next one for my last two exams. First, a small break. Thanks again! Wonderful product!

-Julie F.


I wrapped up my tests this week. I wanted to thank you for all your help. I have started and stopped my journey several times. I never had a structure to help me stay on course so thank you for providing that.

-Carl R.


Thank you for making such great study materials! I credit your product to my eventual success and finishing all of that testing torture. I tell everyone to use Hyperfine especially the Case study for PPd and Pdd. Thanks 

-John K.


I wanted to thank you, your study material and The Amber Book helped me finally pass all my exams! Thank you again!!

-Daniel C.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you have put into Hyperfine! I have now passed PcM, PjM, CE and PA and I am pretty convinced I couldn't have done so without your assignments. Moving into PPD and PDD I have heard a lot of great things about your assignments so I am excited to continue using them as a resource.Thank you!

-Elizabeth B.


Thanks so much for all your homeworks! Passed PA yesterday first try, and finally done!

-Kylie D.


I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your help in my effort to pass Programming yesterday. Your study guide of assignments covered everything I saw on the exam and it was instrumental in my review leading up to it. I appreciate it and now will turn my attention to my last contract's exam, PjM. I no doubt plan to buy your PPD/PDD assignments when the time comes and will be recommending you to my friends testing. Also great recommendation on Eric Walker's exam. That by far was the best practice exam I have seen for Programming. Thank you again! 

-Christopher Y.


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful study tool you have created with Hyperfine! After 2 failed attempts at the PA exam, I was able to pass it on 12/21/20. I cannot thank you enough for the work you have put into this material. Thanks!

-Cara P.


Just wanted to share that I passed CE last month with the help of your CE course! Emoji As always, thanks for your help! On to PA now. 

-Elder A.


I'm glad to tell you that I have passed all my exams!!! I consider Hyperfine as one the critical elements to my success!  

Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into your study program. I wish you and all those associated with you, success and the happiness now and in the future.  

-Patricia B.


Thank you so much I passed my PPD with updated ARE 5.0, your material helped a lot. Moving forward with PDD.

-Rashmi M.


I'm happy to inform you that I passed PA, PPD and PCM. Waiting on my results for PDD!! Thank you for helping me with your amazing material!

-Jenny D.


Just want to say huge thanks for your courses!! I passed 5 of my ARE exams using your guide! It was hugely helpful. I don't see how I would do it without your study questions. Especially for PPD and PDD. I did not pass PcM first try and bought your cause. I started to study for PjM and understood right away what I missed for my PcM. I retook and pass PcM later. All other exams I passed on first try with your help!! Thank you!! 

-Lana S.


I passed PA! Onto The Big Bois...Thanks for your great resources!

-Gab K.

Happy to announce I passed PA! 

-Katerina B.


I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for creating such a fantastic study course for the ARE exams. I began testing in April of 2019 and passed PA with no problem (it felt like school to me which was still very fresh). I then went on to take PPD, failed miserably, and got very discouraged. I didn't feel like the materials I used had prepared me for the level of detail I needed or really guided me through understanding what I was learning. In my time studying, I refused to pay for expensive subscriptions or courses that I couldn't really afford anyway and spent my time looking for more inexpensive and free resources. I had originally found your recommended 8 week study guide for PPD/PDD a few weeks into studying for those tests, and then discovered your courses! I went on to pass PPD and PDD in March, one week before the world shut down (thank goodness). When I started studying for PcM and PjM over the summer, I saw that you had expanded your course library and of course jumped on board. I passed them both in October and then managed to sneak in CE in December before the format of the tests changed (thank you 6 week study guide). I definitely would not have felt as prepared as I did and comfortable with the material if it were not for your thoughtful questions, discussions, and videos explaining the more complicated topics. I work best at my own pace so having a course that gave me resources and let me learn from them at my own speed was ideal. And the fact that your recommended materials for each assignment are broken down into both free and paid was a game changer (thank you from all the struggling junior designers). So once again, thank you for such great courses and for making them so accessible to everyone. I recommend your materials to all of my friends and people who have asked me what my study routine was and I probably will forever. You made studying manageable and less scary and for that I am forever grateful. I can't apply for licensure until April and still have some CE hours to finish up in that time but the biggest weight has been lifted!

-Catie E.


I just finished passing all of my ARE 5.0 tests and your assignments were a huge help to me! It is hard for me to study when I don't feel like I am actively doing something so the assignments were perfect! I passed them all in 4 months PA -> PPD -> PDD -> CE -> PjM -> PcM DONE. Again thank you so much for creating the hyperfine assignments they were great and I used them for every test!

-Ashley M.


I wanted to thank you for putting this great course together. I was a transfer 4.0 to 5.0 guy and I just could not find a way to pass PPD and PDD (took both over 12 times total). I got your course before taking PPD in early September and could not believe how resourceful it was. From the weekly lessons to all the references you provided it guided me to find the items I was missing from my previous study. I was able to pass PPD right after going through your course and used it again for PDD which I just took December 10th and Finally passed. I am so happy to say I am done with the AREs and I can move pass this and continues on with my career. Thank you so much for what you have done and I will recommend your course to others in the same struggle.

-Joel M.


Make that 1/3 done - just passed PJM this morning! Ps - there is no way I would have passed PCM without your finance workbook. Thank you for all that you have done to help us reach our goals!

-Stephanie W.


First and foremost, THANK YOU! Your study material/ assignments were an integral part of getting me through the Pro Practice exams (PcM, PjM, & CE). Integral! I can't thank you enough. They helped me focus my attention and get to a deeper level of understanding than simply reading the AHPP and contracts. Being able to have the plasticity of thinking around different concepts was extremely helpful.I look forward to continuing with your material through the remainder of the exams!

-E W.


I just passed my PDD (my final exam) yesterday. THANKS A LOT for your help! Your assignments definitely played a big role in my path of becoming an architect. Keep the good work! You are helping a lot of people out there!\

-José M.


I want to thank you for all of your material. I was able to pass PDD and PPD thanks to you. I am now done ... after 4 years of trying to complete the ARE. I truly appreciate all that you have done. 

-Molly W.


Just want to let you know that I used your stuff for PA for my second go around and got my provisional pass! I have to give you credit and thanks for the way you narrowed down a lot of the reading material especially after reading the NCARB resources multiple times the first time. 

-Lemuel G.


I just Passed the PcM today! Love your course! Thank you! 

 -Joyce W.


I passed PA two weeks ago! Your material is amazing! Working through your PPD/PDD material now!

-Gloria W.


I passed PDD in October. Still working on PPD, my last exam. Thanks for the Hyperfine exercises, they're a HUGE help.

-Arielle L.


Passed all mine recently as well! licensed and ready to rock! 

-Annette D.


I am a PASS on PDD, finally retook it and passed in October. Last one, such a relief to be finished! Thank you-couldn't have passed those last 2 exams w/out your course. 

-Jenifer R.


September 22nd I finally passed PPD to complete all the tests. Thank you so much for all your hard work, your study guides were invaluable!

-Angela H.


I too was able to complete my exams and PPD after using your materials to study. Thank you sir!

-Zach A.


Thanks to you and amber book, I finally passed PPD & PDD. Now I'm moving on to CSE. Thanks!

-Yan C.

I finally completed my exams this past September. I can honestly say your material was extremely helpful and a key to my final pass. I used it for PPD and PDD. I have been recommending your product to everyone I know- again, thank you so much for all of your support and positive energy!

-Mike D.


I wanted to thank you for all of the work you have put into these study guides. I have used them on multiple exams and have finally passed my final exam just last week. This has been a valuable study resource.

-William M.


You can add me to the list of passing as well. I'm done and so relieved! Thank you for your help on PDD.

-Jackie W.


Just wanted to let you know as of September 2020 I have passed PPD/PDD/PA with the help of Hyperfine, and am DONE with the ARE's! Thank you for your support and awesome assignments, they really helped me study and pass these exams! Thank you, and take care!

-Cameron W.


I just finished the last of the ARE with a PDD pass in October. I thought I should extend my gratitude to you for the quality resource you put together in Hyperfine. Of all the study sources I had to go through to get to the finish line, Hyperfine remained a constant throughout my process and helped me build the confidence and tackle some of the more challenging topics for the exam.Thanks again!

-Nickolas B.


I passed PDD back in August so I'm all done now :) Thanks so much for Hyperfine - it helped me pass!

-Jenn C.


I wanted to thank you for your study courses that helped me pass PJM, PCM, PPD & PDD the first time around! I found them very helpful to structure my studying, affordable, and I recommend them to everyone looking for resources. Thanks! 

-Kathryn H.


I'm writing to you on the other side of my ARE Exams, which I have officially completed as of my PPD pass on Friday, and in no small part due to your resources. In our first email correspondence, I shared with you that I previously failed PPD three times after flying through the rest of the exams. It's been a frustrating year and a half to say the least, trying to get beyond this hurdle, and in the end it was time management and consistently applying my knowledge in practice that got me through. 

I finished up your PPD / PDD course assignments exactly a week before my exam, ending on the Case Study.. I do feel that the more in depth questions that you provided in your Homework Assignments, along with the videos sharing your thought process for solving these questions, were instrumental to understanding the content and applying the knowledge we have for various question formats. 

-Meghan R.


Just wanted to let you know that I passed PA on the first try on Oct. 29. Your study material was immensely helpful, as it reinforced and expanded on a lot of what I was studying and gave me the practice I needed to get my head in the right frame of mind. So thanks for that!

-Robin K.


Thanks for your materials. I passed the last of my exams, PA PPD PDD from July-October. Your materials were invaluable!

-Devon T.


Thank you Ben for your PCM course I got the preliminary pass today!

-Dennis H.


Passed PPD Monday! Just ordered your PA homework, and I'm excited to pass my LAST exam! Thanks for helping to boil down all the material with the PPD/PDD homework. They helped so much!

-Kylie D.


I passed my first ever ARE test - PCM in my first attempt yesterday and a lot of credit goes to the practice I got using the hyperfine assignments- especially the financial workbook and videos! Thank you for putting together these courses in the way you have. To maintain the momentum I'm taking PJM and CE in the next few weeks as well. Fingers crossed :) 

-Sonal C.


I finally can say I passed PDD! Im finally done with the exams and cannot thank you enough. Your videos do so much more than just explain answers, they explain the process to get to the answers. I am so grateful for your study program. Thank you! Its finally real and finally done. I can't believe it.

-Jes D.


Just wanted to let you know that I have passed all pro-practice exams!!! Thanks for the great study material! I have already purchased PA but you could go ahead and remove me from the pro-practice emails. Thanks!



Thank you! !!! I will recommend your materials to new people. Believe it or not, PA is actually the easiest. My PA's take is the first time I studied IBC for real.People are lucky to have you around. Appreciate.

-Peik L.


Wanted to thank you-I was able to pass pcm today-I'm officially done with with all 3 pro practice exams! 

-Jason L.


I just passed PcM two weeks ago. Now I'm preparing for project. Thanks for your materials

-Brannard M.


I want to give you the good news that I received today that I passed PPD last Saturday and now I'm getting ready for my last one PDD.I want to let you know that you have a big part in this outcome. Big thanks to the Lord and you for all that you do providing help and encouragement to all that reach you. THANKS!!!

-Daisy A.


Thanks so much for the updates and encouragement. I have passed PCM, PJM, CE, and PA in recent months thanks in great part to Hyperfine. I am currently studying for PPD and PDD. Both are scheduled for mid-Nov. - just prior to the changes by NCARB.Thank you for creating such a useful, affordable product for ARE prep. I don't know what I would have done without Hyperfine!

-Mandi R.

I passed a couple weeks ago as well. Thanks again for making these study guides. Hugely helpful! 

-Joe M.


I've been using your study materials since pro practice last October - I've passed PcM, PjM, CE, PA, & PPD ... taking PDD next month! Love your work!!

-Rachel M.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you! I've completed my Pro-practice exams as of last Friday 10/02.

I did PcM/PjM and CE courses before taking all three exams. And I find that the CE course really pushed me to understand the contracts better to be on point for contract portions of PcM and PjM. Thank you for the material you've provided, I've found it super helpful to get through the first three exams. 

-Daniela T.


I want to thank you for developing this content. I had to do a study crunch for CE and your study guide helped me immensely – I passed!

-Kristin K.


Thanks to hyperfine I just passed construction evaluation.Next up, Programing and Analysts.Thanks for hyperfine.

-Dominic T.


I am a 4.0 to 5.0 transferee. I thought the process of leaning heavily on kaplan (brightwood) and ballast would be the best Plan of Action for the 5.0 exams, since that was the path for 4.0. Boy was I wrong. I also used the Architect Exam Prep material. However, I feel your PPD and PDD study guides were hands down the best for third party material I used. They covered so much of what was on the exams. I have been giving advice to my fellow ARE takers...and recommend to ONLY use Hyperfine for third party material. You covered so much of what was on both exams and I feel like it helped get me across the finish line. I am so excited to be DONE and on my way to be a licensed architect. Thank you again for your study material. Im sure it was a ton of work but know its helping others out there!

-Elizabeth R.


Wanted to add my name to your list that I finished PDD and am now finished with the AREs! Thank you for all of your incredible work. You're making a huge difference for so many people.

-Somer L.


I found your material very helpful in passing the PcM. I plan to take the PjM next. It was great to finally be able to have one test done with all the stuff going on and having it canceled once. I failed the test back in March basically because I went in blind.

-Chris C.


I just wanted to say thanks for putting together the program. My co-worker and I both bought your PA course and we are working it together. As we go through each assignment we research and topic and add pages to the PDF. Every Friday afternoon, we meet. We then combine the best of the resources into one big document with each week's notes and resources, essentially building our own custom study guide. Hyperfine has been a big help keeping us on schedule and giving us a starting point for research. Instead of reading several study guides and books, we are now diving in depth one topic at a time. We are still reading all the material but just reading everything on solis on one day and then it is all about foundations the next. Ballast, ASC, AHPP and the other usual suspects are broken into easily manageable pieces.

-Jennifer M.

Good news! I passed Practice Management today and passed project management last month. Thank you so much for your pjm/pcm study guide. I used it as one of my main resources for both these exams and I know it helped me pass. I am taking the PA exam in December and will be using the PA study guide. If you come out with a copy of the PA study plan please let me know I would love to buy a copy too. Thanks again and Best Wishes!

-Diane C.


I wanted to let you know I passed CE this morning & thank you! Your CE course helped a lot.Going to try my second attempt at pcm in about a month to close out the pro practice exams.Thanks again!

-Jason L.


I passed PDD and PPD! I'm an architect! I would not have been able to do it without your course - it was absolutely pivotal in my studying. Thank you for helping people like me!

-Jenny K.


I am pleased to inform you that I passed PPD yesterday and am now done with the ARE's. Thank you so much for your help and putting together this amazing study guide.

-Sofia S.


I'm sooooo excited to share that I'm done with ARE! Took me longer than what I had expected... pregnancy, baby, COVID, test center closures, multiple test rescheduling...but I did not give up. Your course has helped me immensely for PPD. Keep up the good work!

-Garima K.


You helped me finally get it, after 3 attempts at PA I received a preliminary pass yesterday afternoon. Very thankful, 2 left! Thanks again!!

-James A.


Wanted to give the good news that I finally passed PA!! 3rd time was the charm and I swear it was all because of the hyperfine PA products! 4 down, 2 to go!

-Darice C.


Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for all your ARE 5.0 study materials. I passed my last exam on Monday. Your exercises were incredibly helpful and hands-down my primary study source: they distilled the most important things to know for the tests and clarified how to go about thinking for everything else. Thanks again, 

-Sabrina R.


Great news, I passed PCM & PJM !! I can't believe it.. I had failed PCM twice last year and yet somehow I managed to pass three exams within a month! I'm so relieved. I think studying those two together was crucial in passing. I'll be sure to check out your course for PA next 😉 But first I'm going to celebrate, just in time for my birthday this sunday!

-Lara M.


Just letting you know I passed PDD today. On to proprac!

-Sean C.

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into these courses. I've done the PA and the PPD/PDD assignments and have passed the PA and PPD tests so far. I'm scheduled to take the PDD in a couple of weeks as well. I credit my success to the assignments you put together. They were soooo helpful. Thank you!

-Becca C.


Hello Ben, passed my last exam PDD and I'm done. Thank you again for your help with the excellent material. 

-German E.


Thanks!! A much needed pass to keep my motivation strong. Hyperfine definitely helped :) It's one of the few resources that actually made me actively learn, engage, question & research in manageable chunks rather than passively reading hundreds of pages of really dry topics..

-Lara M.


I used your material. I passed CE in February. Your stuff helped. I share you on our ARE Facebook group yesterday. The PcM PjM hyperfine is very good. And I would do these instead of paying hundreds or $1000 thereabout for designer hacks boot camp. Please continue to do what you do. I'm with you. I should start the second half of the ARE this summer. I'm just few days away from passing PjM. Thank you.

-Vergo R.


I purchased and completed the CE Study Assignments. They were helpful for me to refresh and a lot of content I have been living out in practice and solidify concepts in my mind. I passed CE (my final exam) and am now filling out paper work for my license --FINALLY-- 😊 Thanks again for your great courses – the PPD courses especially were awesome. Good Luck with Hyperfine and Thanks!

 -James P.


Thank you so much for your help! I just purchased the full bundle, you're the best! Just wanted to let you know your PA Study Course helped me out a lot on my PA exam this past Monday, really appreciate what you're doing! 😁👍

-Jeanette C.


I just passed PPD in my first try! I credit your course to a large degree. Unlike other prep courses, you find a way to cut to the chase and hit the issues in a practical way and give multiple online sources for further research. I made flashcards with diagrams and everything from both your answers, your videos and your sources. It was incredibly helpful. Maybe I lucked out but I feel that anyone that does your homework, looks at at least 59-75% of the referenced links... Watches your videos.... They will pass this easily. Thanks for your excellent work and for making it affordable for us!

-Joseph P.


I just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU for your PPD/PDD course. I just passed PDD yesterday and am finished with the AREs and AXP. Your course was a huge huge help not only in passing the exams but also just a general better understanding of all of this material. I will highly recommend the course to anyone I know taking the exams. Thanks again!

-Chris U.


Just wanted to send you a note letting you know that I passed my last exam yesterday, PDD. Done!! Thank you for offering your courses. I'll continue to tell everyone about it because it really helped me focus my study efforts. Thanks for everything! I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy.


Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome PcM & PjM course! I just passed both exams on the first try! 3 down, 3 to go! Thanks Again,

-Chandler H.


Thank you so much for your study materials I originally took PA back in February for my first exam and failed. Of everything I studying going into that first exam I felt that your material had best prepped me and decided to focus more on your assignments as well as purchase a few other materials like Eric Walkers practice exam. I took the test last Friday and passed this time! I just wanted to reach out and say thanks because I wouldn't have passed it without your homework assignments. In fact the night before the exam I took another look at a couple that covered a few things I was not feeling confident in. Sure enough there were 4 questions on the exam dealing with those items that I'm sure I got right because of the quick assignment brush up. Thanks again!

-Clay D.


Thanks to your invaluable notes and tips, again.




All first time with Hyperfine as the foundation. Only PPD left. Thank you so MUCH.

-Mohamed S.


Just wanted to let you know that I just passed PPD last Friday and it was my last exam! I am finally done with the ARE thanks to your hyperfine assignments and related videos! Your study guide was spot on and I was able to fully prepare for the exam! :) Have a wonderful day!

-Jenny K.


I passed PcM, PjM, CE, and PA last spring / summer with a big thanks to your products. I never unsubscribed from the emails or informed you about the passes. Thank.

-Brandon S.


I wanted to say thanks for even having this as a study source. I recently got "likely to pass" on PCM And your assignments, helped a lot. Thank you.

-DaMario W.


I finally made your list! Mercedes C PPD and done! Thank you so much for putting together the Hyperfine study material. It was very helpful. Is the kind of material that makes you think, do the problem, review good pieces of explanation about the subject, and when you get a question about it in the exam you can answer it with confidence. I failed PPD two times, until I passed, and I went thru your weeks first with bootcamp and then on my own two more times. The last time, I started backwards in week 9...because we always run out of time when we are getting to the end. It was a good idea. Thanks again

-Mercedes C.

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